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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Taking time out for you

When we are dealing with a disability as parents some times we, without realizing it allow the needs of our child to encompass us, forgetting to take time out for ourselves.
Taking time out for ourselves does not just mean getting out and away from home such as going out for dinner or a walk in the park with our partners. Taking time for ourself can also mean spending time out in our yard relaxing pulling weeds or taking a long bath while someone else cares for our child.
This can be extremely hard to do because as with any parent it is hard to let go, step back and entrust someone else to care for our children.
We've written several articles in our disability library that can offer great resources and tips for parents and loved ones caring for clients or loved ones. Having care givers burnout leaves you with life long effects even after you identify and deal with it. The best prevention is caring for yourself as well as your child.
Caregivers burnout not only effects you but it affects your child, your other children and marriage as well.
I encourage anyone taking care of someone with a medical need to review this information in our disability library.

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