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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Discovered yet another "therapy"

Today I was trying to finish up the last few pages of the CPN website update and came upon another "therapy" that I personally had not yet heard about so I wanted to share a bit about it with you. Along with a link. I've not done any research on it yet and invite anyone to talk about their experiences good or bad.

The link is:

It is called The ABR Method, which is short for which is short for Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation.
Here is a short copy from their site.
which is short for Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation

A soft, non-invasive and efficient method

ABR addresses…

1) The volumetric structure of the Hydraulic Visceral Core…

…through a method consisting of compressional techniques providing a non-traumatic remodeling (strengthening) of the visceral fascia through the use of a Force Transfer Medium avoiding the elastic rebound effect of the skeletal structure.
…the principle consists of delivering Biotensegral Compressional loading (compression without distortion) to the body in order to induce BioTensegral Counter Response (uniform diverging response).
The techniques being used are…
The Manual Technique, known as the 3Qs Technique
ABR enfants
  • Quasi-static movement (super slow movement delivering maximum input)
  • Quasi-spherical application (minimal area of contact, sufficient for getting a volumetric response)
  • Quasi-isotropic movement  (no deformation of the surface leading to loss of efficiency)

The ABR Machine
The ABR Machine performs as a complement to the manual exercises and can be used in combination for efficient core strengthening. The ABR Machine is well suited for trunk applications such as thorax, abdomen, vertebral column or pelvis, leaving the parents and caretakers free to concentrate on more delicate areas of the neck, face or head.
Ideal to use during the night, it conveniently maximizes the number of potential working hours.
The ABR Machine is also at the service of parents who simply do not have the time and resources to implement more sophisticated and targeted ABR Manual Exercises.
Machine ABR

2) The fascial layers of the musculoskeletal system

… focusing on the sequential arrangement of the layers and reaching the internal weaker ones .
The techniques being used are…
The Super Soft Ball Rolling Technique
Targeting fascial layers response of denser and tubular areas (thorax, vertebral column, pelvis, etc)
ABR enfants
The Trans-Fascial Viscoelastic Stimulation Technique
Working at the level of the outer shell of the skeletal layers, softening and opening syndesmotic (hardly moveable) joints, creating ability for interstitial fluid to circulate, releasing muscular attachments and improving connection between fascial layers, encouraging beneficial remodelling of the tissues and engage otherwise ‘dormant’ tissues.

Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences?

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